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Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: How to play games that are divided into 2,3 or 4 Parts?

Answer: First Download All Parts,open part1 in WinRAR or 7-zip, then click extract.Play Game :)

Question: What is the difference between Beta and Final Game

Answer: A BETA test is when you play the pre-release version of a game that is still being developed. The majority of BETA games are content limited (Example: you can only play 15 levels from a dash beta game or explore only 5 locations in a Hidden Object Beta Game). Some BETA Games occasionally have problems such as bugs, loading issues, crashes, etc. Don't worry, the company will eventually iron out all the bugs as reported from players before they release the final game. And even if the final game has a few problems they will update it accordingly.

QuestionI installed game, but I can't play?

Answer:  All games works fine (tested on winXP and win7), make sure your graphic drivers are up to date.

QuestionI got error, the application failed to start because d3dx9_xx.dll wasnot found.How to fix it.

Answer:  You need to install DirectX in order to play game.

QuestionWhen I run Game, nothing happens, can you help me?

Answer:  Some games are built in Adobe Air  or .NET Framework, if game not work, installing these two apps (Adobe Air and Microsoft .Net Framework) will fix problem.
QuestionI downloaded game, but I got error when I try to extract file?

Answer:  All games are packed with WinRAR in format .RAR or .ZIP or .RAR5.

Have you downloaded whole game, to avoid this problem, use internet download manager and problem will be solved.If you still getting error, please tell me about this problem comment field.I will try to re-upload game in short time.Thanks.

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